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Mid-Ohio Radiology was founded by one of the first radiologists in Central Ohio, Dr. T. R. Fletcher in 1936. Another of the founders, Dr. Thomas E. Fox, was the first resident certified in radiology from The Ohio State University. From that time forward our board certified radiologists have honored this legacy by providing our clients with expert radiographic interpretations and unmatched patient care and service.


Mid-Ohio Radiology Service and Care Philosophy

Our radiologists achieve excellence by implementing our core values which include professionalism, respect, teamwork, communication and service. These values are the foundation of our practice.

Professionalism - We believe we best demonstrate our professionalism by considering patient needs first. When this requires providing education to our referring physicians or healthcare facility staff, we will work to do so in a professional and respectful manner while preserving relationships.

Respect - We respect and work to protect the privacy of our patients. We respect the expertise of our referring clinicians and healthcare facility staff. Only by treating each other with respect can we work together to best serve patients and referring clinicians.

Teamwork - We recognize the value of each team member’s contribution to excellent patient care. Cohesive teamwork is only achieved by working well with all team members, which include our patients, referring clinicians and healthcare facility staff.

Communication - We believe communication is most effective when there is sincere desire to resolve issues by listening carefully, being open to other points of view, and giving and receiving feedback in a courteous and respectful way. Exceptional communication includes providing direct consultation by telephone or in person to our referring clinicians as part of our coverage.

Service - We work to carry out our duties in a comprehensive manner by providing quick response, skillful interpretation, efficient and responsible use of facility resources, and accurate reporting.

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